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Drömstad is a London-based duo playing atmospheric indie-pop, with its roots in Sweden and western England. Its members are vocalist Amanda Martta Larsson and instrumentalist Ned Gartside, but they often they play and record with other musicians too.

Amanda grew up amidst the idyllic Vänern and Vättern lakes of Skövde, where the dreampop aesthetic took hold. Ned came from the quiet shores of western England which meant he had plenty of time to learn an instrument or two. They met by chance in the summer of 2016 on the legendarily boozy Silja Line ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, and despite some very dubious karaoke, decided music was for them.

In London they began making sounds with keyboards, laptops, guitars and a tambourine and a group of songs emerged. Launching as a live act in 2017, Drömstad have played gigs at small venues across London, from the Fiddler’s Elbow to the Water Rats and Paper Dress Vintage, with friends on occasion adding live drums and bass.

Drömstad release their first single in June 2017, followed by the physical release of an EP, with a launch party at Jamboree on Friday 11th August.


If you'd like to contact us to organise a gig or just say hi, then please do so via email or one of our social media channels!


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